99 Hi Hats


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“These sound great!”

– Mr. Scruff (Ninja Tune, UK)


“To tell you the truth, these are the only foreign samples I ever use, I normally create everything myself.” 

Stimming (Diynamic, Liebe*Detail, DE)



The only hi hat library you’ll ever need! Everything from airy, sparkly and silky to grungy, dark, and crisp sounds processed with utmost attention to detail.

The hi hats recorded were a healthy blend of everything from modern classics like Zildjian K’s to  boutique rarities from the 40s. Synthetic hi hats  originate from a modded Roland 808, 909, Korg MS-10, Nord Lead 2x, CR-78, El. Machinedrum and many more… Every hi hat is partnered with it’s open hi hat sample, so creating smooth patterns is a breeze.

All the sounds were meticulously processed with high end analog gear from the likes of Pulse Tech, Neve, Fairman and Avalon (to name just a few) – Monitored on Adam S3X Mastering speakers to make sure the sounds cut through but never feel harsh or brittle.

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– 99 hi hats with unique analog character

– ultra smooth highs guaranteed

– wav files at at 96 kHz and 44.1khz 24bit

– Processed with only the finest high end analog tools

– Healthy amounts of headroom (NO limiting or grainy over-EQing  unlike most sample packs)

– Will blend beautifully into a good mix

– Every closed hi hat partnered with open

– 100% unique source sounds created by the Six Bit Deep (no sampling)

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Outboard Gear used:

Neve 1073, RCA BA6A, Pulse Tech EQP1a3, Chandler Zener, Ampex 102,  Shadow Hills MC, Sontec 432C, Retro Sta-Level + 2a3, Tube Tech CL1-B, SSL E-Series, Rockrüpel, Culture Vulture, AMS Rmx16, Bricasti M7 + more…

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