Mix & Mastering

Our mixing and mastering studio is run by Joel Krozer and is situated in the center of Copenhagen. It features one of the most precise monitoring setups we have heard yet, built around the massive sounding PMC MB2S speakers. The room hosts a long and ever-evolving list of analog and digital gear ranging from the cleanest signal path possible, to gritty boutique pieces.
As of 2023 we have the possibility to work out of our auxiliary room in Berlin which includes a beautiful sounding PMC setup and an almost identical mastering chain.

Our services include:

Mixing, Stem Mastering, Stereo Mastering, Vinyl Premastering, Apple Digital Masters (certified), Atmos Mixing, Online Mastering, DDP Creation and vinyl cutting (external).

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Six Bit Deep studio
Six Bit Deep studio
Six Bit Deep studio

Mix & mastering work

Artwork for Sensational by Erika de Casier

Erika de Casier - Sensational

Artwork for Act Bad by Bashkka

Bashkka - Act Bad

Artwork for  Prang / Sisu by Perko & Huerco S.

Perko & Huerco S. - Prang / Sisu

Artwork for Allina by Smerz

Smerz - Allina

Artwork for Death Peak by Clark

Clark - Death Peak

Artwork for MTY​-​AIR - Mille attaques, les vents contr​è​rent by Anetha

Anetha - MTY​-​AIR - Mille attaques, les vents contr​è​rent

Artwork for Believer by Smerz

Smerz - Believer

Artwork for Wish Upon A Star by Debbie Sings

Debbie Sings - Wish Upon A Star